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let it


Documentary Wedding Photography

This is your day.
Enjoy it

What is documentary wedding photography?

The aim of documentary photography is to create images that help us remember what we felt at that time, telling a story.


The best way to achieve this is by photographing spontaneously, in a photojournalistic style, as life happens. ​


On your wedding day, I will find the moments of connection and affection, the smiles, the tears, the truest laughs you offer me... ​

It's much more than looking good in the picture.

It's enjoying the moment without worries.

Beauty comes from there. And the best memories too.


My approach

The Beginning

The planning of the last few months culminates in today. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of securing the last details.
By this time, we have already met and talked several times about everything that is important. No detail will be left out.

Now, you can let go.
And you will have the best pictures you can have:
Those that will remind you of how you felt and who you were on this day.

The wedding

During the ceremony, I am as discreet as possible, so that attention can focus on the most important: you.
It is also a way to photograph the little stories and moments that happen between your guests.